To embark the women on the journey of self-discovery, we take up consulting services to conduct impact studies for understanding the changes at the grass root level.

• Micro-credit interventions
• Participatory approach
• Gender-based studies
• Girl child education
• Livelihoods assessment



If your organization has similar objective of building sustainable livelihoods for women, Anthaprarena welcomes your organization for being collaboration partner. Please mail us at We will get back to you as soon as possible.



If you are social investor and want to fund and support a program at Anthaprarena as a social initiative under corporate social responsibility do write to us at We will be happy to serve beyond self under the initiative of sponsor a program in the following areas.

• Capacity building
• Entrepreneurship development
• Skill training
• Digital awareness



You are a student and planning to do an internship in social entrepreneurship and create a social impact. Anthaprarena, encourages students from colleges and universities to apply as management interns. Depending on the duration of the internship programme, the work experience certificate will be given; if the student is working with any consultancy-based internship, then stipends will be paid to the students. If the internship programme requires outstation travel, interns will be paid as per the travel norms of Anthaprarena. If you are focused and want to be part of the journey, please fill the student intern form We will get back to you at the earliest.

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